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I'm Morgan Hartley and thank you for visiting Color Pop Photo Shop. To briefly tell you about myself, I began studying photography in 2010, when I transitioned away from what was my major and career, film production. Photography quickly became my passion, and when I got the opportunity to move back to my home city of San Diego in 2014 I dove headfirst into establishing Color Pop.

It has been incredibly rewarding growing my photography business, and I'm so happy to be selling my photographs through my website, directly to local businesses, and at numerous retailers.

I'm proud to say that my work is truly a reflection of who I am. I'm a happy, positive person who loves the sun, beach, and cool coastal waters. I often joke with my husband that the sun is the only source of fuel I need to survive, so it’s not a huge surprise that I spend most of my time outside. My work captures my lifestyle, and it makes me endlessly happy getting to share that with you. 

I hope you enjoy!

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